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Bio : Larry Eder has had a 44 year involvement in the sport of athletics. Larry has experienced the sport as an athlete, coach, magazine publisher and now, journalist and blogger. His first article, on Don Bowden, America's first sub 4 minute miler, was published in RW in 1983. Larry has published several magazines on athletics, from American Track & Field to the . version of Spikes magazine. He currently manages the content and marketing development of the RunningNetwork, The Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun. Of RunBlogRun, his daily pilgrimage with the sport, Larry says: "I have to admit, I love traveling to far away meets, writing about the sport I love, and the athletes I respect, for my readers at , the most of anything I have ever done, except, maybe running itself."

This depends upon who you talk to. Of the major biographers, ’s Paul Gallender is probably the most vociferous in seeking to rescue Liston from the shadow of Ali, trying with writing to reverse two stoppage defeats and resurrect him as among the greatest of heavyweights; not far behind is Nick Tosches who writes without flinching of Liston’s double dive, dives forced upon him by the Italian mob to whom Sonny was beholden. Note, however, that Gallender is open about his use of a psychic in communing with the soul of Liston in advancing his work and that Tosches claims, entirely bereft of meaningful evidence, that Archie Moore took a dive against Rocky Marciano. At the outer edges of Liston’s legend, strange frequencies vibrate.

I think you really underated Ali and Holmes. They were not boxers that could be only punching bag for Klitschkos. Both of them were really good and brave. And why you call Evander Evan Fields? Are you also Holyfield hater or shut I call you hater of All Time Greats? Do not tell me that Evander Holyfield would be koed as well because when he challenged Klitschkos in 98-99 they ducked him. Also Vitalij constantly ducked Rahman. Both brothers work as a tag team. Their deals with chalenggers goes like this: if you beat Wlad than you must face Vitalij and if you are that good that you beat Vitalij than you have to fight Wlad again. Calling Leon Spinks bum is okay but he won olympic gold medal so in 1978 he was solid fighter and than become a real bum.

Usain bolt primo record 100 metri

usain bolt primo record 100 metri


usain bolt primo record 100 metriusain bolt primo record 100 metriusain bolt primo record 100 metriusain bolt primo record 100 metriusain bolt primo record 100 metri