Tbulb sizes

BR light bulbs were created in response to EPACT, which mandated that reflector light bulbs needed to meet minimum efficiency standards. Standard reflector light bulbs in higher wattages and sizes lost light in the neck and sides of the light bulb. The bulk reflector in the neck of the light bulb redirects the light lost in the neck and reflects it forward to increase the overall lumen output of the light bulb, allowing light bulb manufacturers to continue producing the larger reflector light bulbs and still abide by EPACT laws. Typical sizes include BR30 and BR40. These light bulbs are used for down lighting in recessed cans for residential, hotel, food service, offices, and restaurant applications. ER – Elliptical Reflector light bulbs

I have also taken a combination of lightbulbs, cheap bells from a craft store that I patina-ed with food coloring, pieces of glass with a hole drilled in with a dremel (immerse the piece of glass in a container of cool water and drill – the dremel is totally fine as long as you only submerge the drill bit portion- I set my glass on a piece of of wood and drilled right through, without harming my container), and old keys, and hung them from a wire “tree” by pieces of coiled up copper wire – makes a very interesting conversation piece, alternative christmas tree, or just a piece of art.

Tbulb sizes

t bulb sizes


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