Tbolt trigger

Most rifles have a  recoil lug  that is installed between the barrel and the action, much like a washer on a bolt. It is a metal piece that extends below the receiver and fits into a matching recess in the stock. It helps spread out the hammering effects of recoil across a wider surface so the rifle won't be damaged. The recoil lug in the Model 70 is not added during assembly. It's forged and machined  as part of the receiver.  This allows the barrel to be trued in perfect alignment to the front ring of the receiver for greater accuracy. There is nothing to move or shift the barrel out of alignment, ever.

The Model 700 was introduced with an excellent trigger. It was light, clean and fully user adjustable. This became the benchmark trigger for American factory built rifles for decades. Because the Model 700 trigger was easily user adjustable, the Company lawyers eventually insisted that this fine trigger be set at the factory with excessive sear engagement and a heavy pull. The adjustment screws were then sealed with goop to prevent user tampering. Scraping off the goop to adjust the trigger voided the warrantee. However, for those adventurous souls who dared to do so, the Remington trigger could still be adjusted for a decent release.

Tbolt trigger

t bolt trigger


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