Tball rules

Remember it will take some time to learn the rules and that all kids have to begin somewhere. Because everyone gets to hit each inning and everyone gets to play the field each game, fairness is built-in. Being a good sport will help your child become one also.
As Ken Singleton, a former Oriole and T-Ball dad says, “… remember that not everyone is talented in the sport, so create a belief in your sons and daughters that they can learn to play well. More important than skill, the type of bat, or the rules, is the quality time you are afforded together as a family. E So go have some fun!

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 15 games. Again this year, unlike other leagues, BALL HOCKEY GTA will not charge a $4 fee per game for either players and/or fans ($4 per player per game can add more than $400 to a team's overall costs). Teams are responsible for supplying their own team sweaters. If you are looking for a place to purchase sweaters you can contact the league and we will put you in touch with a supplier who will offer a competitive price. We are a member of the OBHF. Which means we have insurance plus winning teams get an opportunity to qualify to go the Ontario Championships! We are also a member of the GTA`s to see who is the best team in the GTA region at all levels

Tball rules

t ball rules


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