Proviron red face

Just ordered on Friday. I have sent a couple message via email and my osgear account on their site. So far I haven’t received any feedback and I’m hoping that’s due to it being a weekend. This is my first intl. order so I’m a bit Leary as I’ve always got my gear domestic. Decided to give it a shot as my domestic source has gone downhill in the last year (umderdosed gear). I’ll do an update when I receive my gear and definitely will if I don’t!
Gear ordered: 10ml vials dragon pharma tricut150 x10
Aromasin 25mg x100 (dragon pharma)
Happy pumps everyone

I love this product. this is 100% real authentic and reliable. I have used other hgh in past but after using this one i am pretty sure whenever i can afford i will go for pharma grade authentic hgh. almost 2 months into this hgh and i am seeing my body fat dropping faster and getting leaner with no change in diet. One of the most important thing to have noticed is the amazing sleep and fast recovery. For quite sometime i switched to one muscle group per day training but with hgh i can train two muscle groups a day and more frequently a week. The resting time between sets have also decreased. My stamina has improved big time. I can go to gym job play sports and also do daily life activities without any problem. Not feeling tired, lazy or off mood anymore. For dosing sometimes i do all 4 ius at once whereas sometimes split in two doses pre workout and before bed.

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Proviron red face

proviron red face