Primobolan anavar gains

Bushido, I read on Meso-rx under steroid profiles that primo has a half life of 5 days. That means that if u took an injection on day one it would be half out of ur system in 5 days, 3/4 out in 10 days, and 100% in 15 days, correct? Not 100% sure on how that works but that is what i read. When I posted this i thought it meant that 100% of the drug would be gone in ten days. So basically in order for that to work you would need to shoot everything on day one I presume, which would only give you about a week of a very high concentration. Would it be ascanine to expect ANY advantage from one week of high dosage, whilst relying on synergy with say more dianabol in the second week? Which if taken in the morning, might alow for an even faster recovery?? I imagine it would not be a great idea to shoot say 1200 mg on day one for example? Am I correct in the half life timing? With a half life of 5 days there would only be time for one shot in a two weeker? It might be a worthwhile experiment no? LOL What do u think? Better off with the anavar?

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Primobolan anavar gains

primobolan anavar gains


primobolan anavar gainsprimobolan anavar gainsprimobolan anavar gainsprimobolan anavar gainsprimobolan anavar gains