Primo grill test

Completely happy with the products I have purchased through BBQGuys. While one of the appliances I ordered did stop working within a years time Kimberly in customer care took control of my issue in a prompt, friendly and professional manner replacing the appliance without any frustration or hardship on my part. Easy and actually painless as my expectation was, when I started the process, that I was going to be in for a long drawn out ordeal. With the quality of products they sell and the customer care they offer I will always make BBQGuys my number one choice of outdoor kitchen appliances.

Returning to the Primo versus Big Green Egg debate - the daisy wheel draft vent on the top of the Primo is screwed into position so that when you lift the lid, there's no chance that it will fall off and because of the mounting position you shouldn't loose the draft aperture. The daisy wheel falling off has never happened to me and if you sit your daisy wheel on your egg with the hinge facing the front then you too will keep the draft aperture constant when you open the lid so I don't see the point of screwing it on. In addition, the Big Green Egg comes with a separate ceramic cover lid that I find useful because:

  1. When I've finished cooking it helps kill the fire quickly and this saves charcoal.
  2. I can leave the ceramic lid on in all weather.
  3. I can easily remove the daisy wheel to clean it. This is an important point because the daisy wheel does get tarred up and will after a number of cookouts stick in position. It will loosen up when your fire gets going but if it seizes in the closed position you can't easily start your fire without unscrewing the whole unit. You could of course leave the vent in the open position but then that would allow rain inside the Primo when you are not using it and how would you kill the fire when you finished cooking?

Primo grill test

primo grill test


primo grill testprimo grill testprimo grill testprimo grill testprimo grill test