Primo cycles the fort

About Custom Choppers A legend on the American scene, the custom chopper evokes all the grit and glamour of the open road. Calling these bikes "custom" is a bit of a redundancy. A chopper, after all, is by nature a customized vehicle. Chopper fans either take an existing bike and "chop" down its features to create an entirely new bike or else build a bike from scratch. The priority in both these endeavors is to create a bike that has the look of something crafted by hand down to the last detail. Custom choppers also often have a stripped-down aesthetic and traditionally eschew common accessories, such as chain guards, mirrors, and even turn signals. Common features found on custom chopper motorcycles include hardtail frames with no rear suspension, tall ape hanger handlebars, and oversized front wheels. If you want to build or customize a chopper of your own, then take a look at the large inventory available on eBay. You can find custom chopper kits that include the parts, accessories, frames, and chassis you need to build your own custom ride from the ground up. Shop the extensive inventory of motorcycles and motorcycle parts !

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Primo cycles the fort

primo cycles the fort


primo cycles the fortprimo cycles the fortprimo cycles the fortprimo cycles the fortprimo cycles the fort