Primo cycle log

Whatever man. I at the very least know more than you. Read what my last comment said...SLOWLY. All my statements are true. You may recover fully, you may not. The idea is to use the best information possible to make the best plan possible with the information at hand. When it comes to your hormones, EVERYTHING MATTERS. A dime is only worth 10 cents. But if you have 10 dimes, you got a dolla bra. If you have a few little things bad, they can add up to one big bad. In all honesty bro, what the fuck ever. I, along with everyone else, was trying to help. We were telling you what should be changed. Doctors aren't always as smart as we'd like to think. I've talked with my doctor about many topics. In a medication discussion I gave an opinion that was counter to his, he left the room and returned with a laptop, "lol, you were right, thats whats on webmd, ha, new to me." What the fuck, this guy went to Stanford and is a surgeon?! Doctors used to encourage smoking cigarettes, and using excessive butter (as it lubes the veins and arteries), Go even further back and doctors used to throw mercury at a shit load of problems, as the remedy of course. As time progresses, new information changes things. A miracle discovery yesterday might be retarded tomorrow.

Some bodybuilders and athletes use trenbolone esters for their muscle-building and otherwise performance-enhancing effects. [5] Such use is illegal in the United States and many other countries. The DEA classifies trenbolone and its esters as Schedule III controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act . [19] Trenbolone is classified as a Schedule 4 drug in Canada [20] and a class C drug with no penalty for personal use or possession in the United Kingdom . [21] Use or possession of steroids without a prescription is a crime in Australia . [22]

Primo cycle log

primo cycle log


primo cycle logprimo cycle logprimo cycle logprimo cycle logprimo cycle log