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I think the word you’re tripping over here is”chisel”, you seem to assume I’m saying that I’m saying “if you get down to 2% body fat you will have a brick jaw”. Which is not correct in the least. I’m saying that removing fat from your body means you also remove fat from your face (chisels- they subtract matter). You won’t have round, soft, smooth, childlike curves, your cheek bones will likely be more pronounced or gaunt, and you’ll be able to see more of the underlying structure of the head because there won’t be a layer of baby fat filling in the crevices.

I am contemplating a new reading/writing/spelling curriculum for my daughter. Our house recently burned down completely, we lost everything including all our schoolbooks. Just prior to this, we discovered that our daughter had a +9 correction in one eye with astigmatism, and a +8 in her other eye. (This explains the extreme difficulty she’s had with reading. ) We had completed about 2/3 of 100 Easy lessons; and had some of the AOP Lifepacs from my other kids…and we were finally making headway. Now, all of that is out the window. So, in starting from scratch, I am so thankful to have this list of good materials. My only concern with the Sing, Spell, Read, Write series is the Common Core inclusion in the books. Is there any way to get the series WITHOUT having the Common Core integrated in? Any help you can lend me would be most appreciated!

Mesterolone genesis

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