Masteron prop pain

Cortes wrote:
I have been injecting 3mls into a single injection site daily for a few months now. However, this is certainly not something I would recommend to anyone who has not been doing this for years. I inject this volume into delts, too, but I have worked up to it over a long time, and I happen to have fairly large shoulders, which also helps. When I used to inject just 2mls into delts, I felt some pretty ugly pain sometimes immediately after and for the rest of the days (different than typical next-day post injection pain). I noticed Brook (I think) mentioned this the other day as perhaps an indication of fascial stretching, and I have to say that explanation makes sense to me. Anyway now I put 3mls into delts twice a week with zero pain (nor any post-injection pain, either...gotta love properly homebrewed gear I don't have any problems with VG or glute at this volume at all, but I cannot abide prop in my quads, unfortunately, at pretty well any volume.

Whether I agree or disagree this was a damn well written piece. Lots of research/background leg work had to have been done in order for u to feel comfortable doing this. If you would've had pix man this would be probably one of the more important pieces on the website.
I would love for you to have ur friend join up and give his first person account testimonial. Would love to ask him questions about some of the relief he felt step by step dose by dose and day by day. All of that is vital to understanding the reversal process. What dose was most effective. What day his biggest breakthrough was. You feel me?
Solid solid solid. Viking is going to love this bro!!

I shared this protocol in the forums i frequent as food for thought and feed back . Boy did i ever get lit up by people saying this cycle is stupid , makes no fucking sense and is complicated for a first time cycle . They say why use letrozole when you don’t know how his E2 levels will react , why use this much test , why start with a long ester then go to a short one , why have both , they said the letro dose is way too strong and will crash the e2 levels and also that its almost impossible to break a pill into that dose also . What are your thoughts on this? you didn’t go into enough depth on why this cycles set up this way , why using letro over something else ? since there is no protocol listed for an alternative and also why using the esters the way you set them up and why front loading with a long ester that apparently wont even kick in for like 4 weeks or more .

Masteron prop pain

masteron prop pain


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