Mast p only cycle

We can now begin to imagine how to change our diet, avoid certain drugs, and adjust our lifestyles to better regulate our histamine levels. By first identifying our allergens through thorough testing, we can reduce exposure and dramatically empty our “histamine bucket” and lower inflammation. Even if we have no allergies to avoid, we can improve our ability to breakdown non-allergic histamine with B and C vitamins. Ideally we can better prepare our bodies to handle histamine “spikes” as needed for fighting disease, increasing motivation, or simply tolerating delicious leftovers.

I have a primary immune deficiency. I also have Sjogrens and I had my thyroid removed a year and a half ago. The year before that I had major wrist surgery. Ever since the Thyroidectomy due to thyroid nodules, etc, I have been very sick with what seems to be mast cell. My doctor had suspected it for awhile. Since the TT, I have become totally disabled. I can’t even handle the very medications I need for my thyroid replacement. I can’t take T4. I break out in hives, eczema, everything. I am so sick. Totally disabled. I have thoughts of suicide due to this. I can’t imagine living like this. I am on T3 only. I can only take 60 mcg so I am hypothyroid. I am trying to get into a mast cell specialist, but honestly, I am so sick from all of the antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers. If anyone has any ideas, please be in touch. I am in a vicious cycle. I can’t take the very medications (thyroid meds) that could help stabilize my mast cell. Thyroid or lack thereof contributes to mast cell.

Thanks Danae,
You are really lucky with Moringa it did not agree with me at all. No probiotics agreed with me except Longum – I suspect I have SIBO as well and maybe that’s why Longum is ok as it affects the lower bowel. I know Mangosteen is ok for me as a dried fruit at least so worth checking out the therapeutic dose. I know I need copper and I react to zinc – so that also puts me in the minority. And I’ve started taking progesterone again but I have to mix it with Magnesium oil or it goes straight to adrenaline and gives me a burning crown along with insomnia. I know my case is too bizarre for this forum and no practitioner has been able to sort it out so far here in Australia, but I really believe it has to do with the pesticide exposure that has changed my digestion, hormones and neurotransmitters. In the meantime I’ll keep eating potatoes for my B6!!!

Mast p only cycle

mast p only cycle


mast p only cyclemast p only cyclemast p only cyclemast p only cyclemast p only cycle