Lean reduce cycle time

LAI is known for its experience in supply chain management of complex manufacturing processes and its technical expertise in advanced waterjet cutting, drilling and five-axis machining, as well as precision laser processing, including laser cutting, drilling, welding, heat-treating and five-axis machining. The company also offers high-speed CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, including wire, plunge and hole-drilling EDM processing, five-axis grinding, welding, conventional machining and certified gage calibration. Additional capabilities include sheet metal fabrication, tool design and air-flow inspection. LAI was acquired in 2005 by Spell Capital Partners LLC of Minneapolis. Its corporate headquarters are located in Scottsdale. For more information, see .

Your calculation for takt are absolutely right taking an average demand is the wrong part. We take maybe a six month look ahead in orders that is the customer demand. Takt may change up to 8 times a year on some value streams.
In aerospace we had 9 different aircraft types one would be on a move rate of three a week some one a month each had an individual takt time based on the demand for that  product.
The cycle time of each key stage or process was then evaluated if it was greater than takt you had to in goldratt terms exploit the constraint. You would create a yamazumi or line balance chart to identify the constrained stages from seeing this you can do many things .
Identify Value and Non Value add. eliminate the waste to get below takt. Introduce shifts on some stages or create identical stages called rate tooling. So you never under or overproduce as you are asking because the speed of your line increases and decreases with customer demand by flexing tooling positions and manpower.
Usually you had the luxury of one value stream getting faster as another slows down moving your manpower onto different contracts.
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Facilities (land, buildings, equipment) provide the physical capability to add value and create products. The most common manifestation of facility planning (or lack thereof) is the Plant Layout . An effective layout incorporates and enables the manufacturing strategy on which it is based. Lean strategy starts with workflow and workflow is the result of process and layout. Mr. Lee has authored two books and many articles on Plant Layout and Facility Planning. His approach is organized, practical and systematic.

Lean reduce cycle time

lean reduce cycle time


lean reduce cycle timelean reduce cycle timelean reduce cycle timelean reduce cycle timelean reduce cycle time