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I have a primary immune deficiency. I also have Sjogrens and I had my thyroid removed a year and a half ago. The year before that I had major wrist surgery. Ever since the Thyroidectomy due to thyroid nodules, etc, I have been very sick with what seems to be mast cell. My doctor had suspected it for awhile. Since the TT, I have become totally disabled. I can’t even handle the very medications I need for my thyroid replacement. I can’t take T4. I break out in hives, eczema, everything. I am so sick. Totally disabled. I have thoughts of suicide due to this. I can’t imagine living like this. I am on T3 only. I can only take 60 mcg so I am hypothyroid. I am trying to get into a mast cell specialist, but honestly, I am so sick from all of the antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers. If anyone has any ideas, please be in touch. I am in a vicious cycle. I can’t take the very medications (thyroid meds) that could help stabilize my mast cell. Thyroid or lack thereof contributes to mast cell.

Half mast e juice

half mast e juice


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