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Walton Primo NH2 is offering one single update comparing with the previously released Primo NH in August 2016. This version has a better rear camera previous one had 8 MP and this one has a 13 MP camera. The price stays the same. This is surely a better deal for those who were thinking to get the previous Primo NH.
Primo NH2 is offering some decent features including 2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM, 13 + 5 MP camera (both with flash and BSI sensor), 1080p video recording, dual SIM with dual 3G etc. Two poor sides of this device are its 2800 mAh battery and Mali 400 graphics. Battery wont stand a whole day regular use and Mali 400 is not enough for fine quality HD gaming. Another disadvantage is that, it has no OTG. So, we are giving this gadget an average mark.

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Elite primo 100

elite primo 100


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