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Cost effective media placement solutions- targeting the appropriate viewership and listenership; Creating smart partnerships with media houses to give the widest reach for the companys Communications; Innovative ideas with potential to place the company within effective local, regional and international reach of the possible target audience; Advanced negotiations with management of ZiFM, Star FM, Power FM, ZTV, Multichoice and Africa Magic, set to benefit the diverse range of clients at Celsys- utilizing communication synergy to maximize benefits and lower costs.

Smart, connected products require a fundamental rethinking of design. At the most basic level, product development shifts from largely mechanical engineering to true interdisciplinary systems engineering. Products have become complex systems that contain software and may have as much or more software in the cloud. That’s why design teams are shifting from a majority of mechanical engineers to a majority of software engineers, and some manufacturers, like GE, Airbus, and Danaher, are establishing offices in software-engineering hubs like Boston and Silicon Valley.

Diebold customer service

diebold customer service


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