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Jo, it’s going to take time to heal your gut. Have you looked into the GAPS diet? I’m not a doctor or trained medical advisor, but I would give that diet a look and see if seems like something you could try. The fermented products are great in getting that healthy live bacteria into your gut lining, but if you’re having problems due to diverticulitis, you’ll want to think about healing on a deeper level, if that makes sense. In other words, eating an optimal diet with supplementation. I hope that can give you a direction in where to start. Also, if you can find an integrative, functional, or holistic doctor in your area, I would highly recommend visiting them. Blessings!

To start shooting, cock the Dragonfly and pump up 3-8 times per shot to find the perfect fps for indoor home ranges and long-range outdoor shooting.  Full-powered shots can reach speeds of 800 fps in .177 or 630 fps in .22 caliber—velocities ideal for small game hunting and blasting targets in your backyard.  Each Dragonfly keeps the next shot on deck with a self-indexing magazine that holds 7 rounds in .22 or 9 in .177.  Cock the bolt-action, pump up, shoot, and cock the action again to load up the next round.  For placing precision shots, each rifle features a single-shot tray. For sights, each Dragonfly includes a blade and ramp style front sight and an adjustable rear sight for shooting straight out of the box.  If you prefer to bring your targets in close, add a scope to the 11mm Dovetail rail.

Even the non-vegans loved this recipe at my night-before-Earth-Day Green Dinner! Thank you so much! I’m not vegan, but I’ve wanted to master a few very satisfying vegan dishes so my vegan friends can easily be included at dinner gatherings. Not being experienced at cooking with tofu, I wish you would have mentioned that THE PRESSING AND DRAINING OF TOFU IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PREP TIME! Good thing I prepped the veggie mixture and the ‘ricotta’ the night before. Assembling the lasagna took about 15 minutes the night of the dinner, so it all worked out – all the time was worth it. I’m anxious to see how the portion I froze holds up once defrosted. I’ll let you know!

Diana lol pro youtube

diana lol pro youtube


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