Diana lol papercraft

When you bring a non-yarn item into the mix – the pipe cleaner in this case – there are a lot more variables that will affect your result: the thickness of your yarn; the length and thickness of the ‘plush’ on the pipe cleaner; how closely colour-matched your yarn and pipe cleaner are, etc. There’s no magic technique – it’s just single crochet! – but I suggest you try pushing your stitches more closely together if there are gaps between them, as you need to make sure they cover the whole surface of the pipe cleaner. If that still doesn’t work for you, you can try the floral wire I suggested, use a thicker yarn to crochet around the stem, or use the wrapping method I suggest instead – there are plenty of options, so I’m sure you can find one that gives you a result you’re happy with.

Happy Monday to you all!  Normally I try to avoid sharing projects where you need specialty equipment (like my beloved Silhouette Cameo) unless you can also achieve the result with a little hand-work… but today is going to be an exception to that.  If you DO have a Silhouette machine, today will be awesome because I’ve got a free Valentine download for you.  (If a Silhouette is still on your wishlist, you can feel free to pin today’s post for when you do get your machine – the file is free, and you’ll want to get started building your library as soon as you get one!)

Squeeeeee! Oh Cathe, that is the sound of pure joy coming at you from across these computer screens! I have no idea why it took me so long to find your blog, but I absolutely adore your taste & design style, and am honestly awe inspired by your talent. Thank you so very much for choosing to share not only your talent, but also your impressive stash of amazing & beautiful pieces of history with us. One of my favorite things about most of these is that they are scans or salvages from actual items; I just love seeing these unique “snapshots in time” being preserved, re-imagined, and/or passed on. The sheer amount of time and raw talent that went into even the “everyday” ads, post cards, product packaging, etc. truly makes each piece its own work of art. Even though my collection is much smaller, I also have a soft spot in my heart for acquiring and rescuing vintage & WWII-era ephemera, post cards and even the occasional matchbook. Since you are so gracious by sharing so much with all of us here, I want to offer to share scans of my items with you! If you’re interested (or even have the time), I know you’ll be able to preserve them beautifully so more people can appreciate & use them! Let me know what you think. Thanks again for sharing so much that you could easily charge a lot for! And now, as a fitting end to my long-winded message, I just realized that the last Freebie link on this page, which has been visible the entire time I’ve been typing this, perfectly sums up what I wanted to convey to you…”You’re So Nice…You Made My Day!”

Diana lol papercraft

diana lol papercraft


diana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraft