Diana bolick

As a senior marketing/sales executive and one who has worked in the professional services and SaaS industry for many years, I still see companies leveraging old go-to-market strategies. Many companies, whether mid-size or large, need to redefine the way they conduct business in today’s economy.  How will they leverage new technologies across their value chains?  What technologies are needed to provide them with profitable customer relationships, better customer experiences, and competitive advantages?  Digital Transformation provides the start to this journey!

5) Fine Art -The industry is  enamored with life-size art murals. Companies such as Anabo & de Gournay have virtually had a monopoly in the fine art paper market for many years. However, the advancements in digital art printing have allowed us to create life-sized art from 19th-century pastoral scenes to Renaissance portraiture. More artists are realizing that they can take their talents and create large-scale works of art on wallpaper, and it’s one of my  personal favorite ways to translate old world art into modern day life.

Diana bolick

diana bolick


diana bolickdiana bolickdiana bolickdiana bolickdiana bolick