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The last quarter of the year’s highlight is a passionate Venus retrograde in Libra/Scorpio which is mostly easy to deal with. A third person could enter a relationship which ignites a rebalancing between the couple. This season’s themes are mainly about reviewing 2018 as we draw towards its close. This is because as Mercury finishes its retrograde, Venus will start her retrograde the very next day. Getting new projects off the ground might be quite slow until Dec 7, but then the pace picks up in time for Christmas, and by the year’s end we are turbo-charged for 2019!

Hello, Amber–back again after having my still-excessive weight stuck in the same 10-lb window for about a year and a half. Very happy that I’ve maintained almost all of my prior loss, which is a first, but time to get moving again. Have also developed a mysterious and scary new health problem (possibly heart-related) that should be helped by the Dukan low fat and lots of vegetables so will be using the 2PP/5PV Cruise rhythm. I’ve also joined the Dukan Facebook support group where I can get recipes, second-hand info from the app etc, which has proven very helpful. Will be around and hopefully shrinking!

Step 7: What is the nature of the physical attraction? The Saturn’s here are trine, a contact generally better favored than the harsher aspects . Still they would have awakened each other’s more vulnerable side, making it difficult to discuss intimate fears and insecurities. (Clementine would sometime write to Winston in French, saying it was easier to be passionate that way). Clementine’s Venus/1221Amor conjunct Winston’s Vertex/Descendant/1221Amor may have felt to him like an epiphany, a turning point of great import. Her Uranus conjunct his Ascendant served to jolt the man who was not the marrying kind.

Decan diet

decan diet


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