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I am from Nigeria and have been scheduled for an interview. I qualified base on O’ level only. In my Dsp forms which I sent months back to KCC I wrote NA (not applicable) in the question that required the name of the person where you intend to stay and that where you want your greencard to be mailed. I have answers to those querries now but am scared it could pose a problem to me as in why I didn’t filled or send it to KCC earlier. Also what are the do’s and don’t in DV lottery interviews? What are the possible questions for someone who is single.

The dirty past of popular Nigerian singer Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy has been exposed.
According to sources in the know, Burna Boy has a bad criminal past in the United Kingdom.
We learnt he was a part of criminal drug gang who stabbed someone to death back in 2010.
He was arrested and after 11 months in jail, he was released and given 2 months parole with community service.
It was during his community service that he disobeyed and left the United Kingdom for Nigeria.
He travelled back few years later and was arrested from the airport and deported back to Nigeria. He has since been placed on a 15-year ban.
So our dear Burna Boy cannot travel to the United Kingdom in the next 15 years.
Entertainment Insiders said he will be leaving his record label soon due to his bad criminal history.
This ain’t good for his brand at all.

THE National Arts Theatre, Iganmu Lagos, Rosella Park, Igando, and Ikorodu Amusement Park all came alive last week as pupils from various schools kicked off the Christmas party. Organised by Dufil Prima Foods Plc, makers of Indomie Instant Noodles, through the Indomie Fan Club (IFC), the kids were fed to satisfaction while having unlimited fun.
The event, which kicked off on Monday at Igando moved to Ikorodu on Wednesday before arriving Iganmu for the grand party on Thursday and Friday. The roads were busy as school buses moved in quick succession in and out of the venues.
According to Mr. Tope Ashiwaju, Public Relations Officer of Dufil Prima, the event was staged to celebrate Christmas with kids. “It was our way of appreciating the kids, who remain loyal to our brand.”
  Co-ordinator of the Indomie Fan Club, Mrs. Faith Joshua, said over 100,000 children participated in the party. “This same event is going on at Abuja, Akure and Ibadan and we are hosting over 40,000 schools. We believe in the future of the kids, hence it is our way of giving back to them.
  An enthused Tope Owolabi said: “I feel like staying here. I enjoyed the meal, music, excitements, gifts and fun. I want Christmas to come quickly because I love Christmas.”

Debola lagos

debola lagos


debola lagosdebola lagosdebola lagosdebola lagosdebola lagos