The 69-year-old Zeibert talks a good game, but seldom plays any (except occasional golf). When Gerald Ford asked him about his game, Zeibert quipped, “Mr. President, I’m dressing like Ben Hogan but playing like Ben-Gurion.” But after visiting the Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica, Calif, last fall (“I checked the place out with McGovern; his wife, Eleanor, had been there”), Duke shed 43 pounds and a five-pack-a-day cigarette habit. “I feel reborn,” he exults. “I used to have angina, and for 16 years took insulin for my diabetes. Now I walk three miles a day and work out at the YMCA. It doubled my sex life too.” (A longtime customer teases, “Now he does it twice a year.”) In 1964 Zeibert was divorced from his third wife, with whom he had three children. “That was a real marriage,” he says. “It lasted 20 years and the others just a minute.”


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